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Inspection reports care visit roulette in Midlothian

Relatives told us that they were surprised that people with dementia or forgetfulness were given many different carers. At a meeting of Midlothian Councils Cabinet, Councillor Jim Muirhead (Lab) said the issue of care continuity could be down to a lack of staff. He said: It is all very well for the Care Inspectorate to make that point in an inspection report but it is extremely difficult in the current circumstances with the difficulties we have in recruitment to actually be able to have any kind of continuity in there. Cllr Muirhead asked whether the local authority was able to challenge points raised by the Care Inspectorate. However, Allister Short, director of health and social care, said they were not in a good position to do that. He said: I think it is far easier to challenge when you are getting fives and sixes, it is far harder to challenge when you are getting twos and threes because it comes across as defensive. There is nothing in this we feel particularly good about. The Care Inspectorate report into their visit in May this year noted there had been improvements since their last inspection but not enough to improve grades. It gave a grade 3, which is described as adequate, to the quality of care and support and quality of staffing of the service.

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